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Ah, another year has raced by and here we are looking straight into the jaws of 2015.  Always look so odd to me to write down the number for a new year.  Same thing happens when I write my age down or see it in print in some magazine or newspaper.  It just looks foreign to me.  I can read about a 46 year old and I think, "Oh, that person is getting up there", and then I realize I am a lot older than that!!  ARGHHHHHHHHH!

Yes, as you all know I have a battle with aging.  I hate it.  But, I soldier on and fight the clock daily.  I refuse to look and act my age.  Whatever that means.

2014.  Busy year indeed.  8 months on the road.  I do not fancy another hotel room soon, yet my 2015 schedule is filling up to be in a hotel bed for quite a few nights regardless.  I shot 6 movies this year.  I think.  I lose track and the movies tend to bleed into each other.  But, I believe the highlight has to be the box office success of God's Not Dead.  $2 million movie that will see close to $150 million in theater, DVD, VOD, merchandise, etc. before it's run has been finished!  Highest return on dollar in Hollywood this year by far!  Very honored to be part of that film an see what it has done.  A sequel is in the works for next year and talk is of my rise from the dead.  We will see.

The movie shoot of the year for me was The Secret Handshake.  Hopefully it gets a theatrical release sometime in 2015.  Very funny family comedy and had a wonderful time in Nashville filming.  I would like to move there and get out of the traffic, taxes, and politics of Los Angeles.  Love the weather here, but beat up with everything else.  I had a speech about my book in November down in Costa Mesa, an 80 mile drive, and it took me 4 HOURS to get there!!  This is common and it has beaten me to a pulp.  I have more important ways to waste my time, like golfing!!

On to 2015.  I kick off the year by filming a western, Steel Renegades, here in Los Angeles.   This is a hard core, R rated action western due to violence. But, I can't imagine the wild west of the 1800's were anything but wild and violent.  Looking forward to it.  Then I shoot another movie here in LA dealing with our current war on terrorism.  Movie is titled, Algiers.  I play a lone retired military man who takes the situation into his own hands since Washington DC wants to fight a political war and not the reality of what the war is about.  Love this character.  Then I am off to the Philippines to shoot an American football movie.  Family drama.  Title to come later.  I play the coach of a football team there, based on a true story.  Finally I will be shooting my new TV series pilot, a 2 hour movie called Can't Get Arrested.  If that movie does well in the ratings then….finally…..I will have a new TV series to call my own after all this time since Andromeda!!  it would be a  God send for sure.  Fingers crossed.  It is a romantic, drama, action, comedy in the vein of Moonlighting TV series starring Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepard back in the 80's.  

So the year will be another busy one for sure, but I love to stay busy!  I will be hitting up 5-6 Comic Cons again as well.  I am currently scheduled for one in my home state of Minnesota and in April will be in Perth and Adelaide along with my old bud, Michael Hurst.  More details pending.  I might be making an appearance at the final Xena Con here in Los Angeles in April as well.  Lucy and I have not done a Con together in 15 years.  Long overdue.

I thank all of you for your continued support and pushing my projects to your social media groups.  I have had a long and blessed career.  Really can't complain too much the way things have panned out.  I stay busy in an industry I love dearly.  I wish nothing but love, health, safety and prosperity to you all.  We need to count our blessings and be grateful for what we have in our lives.  Make the time to do that as often as you can.

God bless and have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and see you in 2015!!

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