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Happy Thanksgiving, gang!   

Well, it is Thanksgiving Day here in America.  I am stuffed with turkey and ham and mashed potato's and pie and so on.  Nice day here with my family in Las Vegas where my mom lives.  

Staying busy.  Thank God for that.  My latest movie, Joseph and Mary, will be coming out around Easter.  Shot in North Bay, Ontario which is way north of Toronto and the weather was brisk and rainy.  I prefer warm and sunshine!  Nice little movie where I am playing Joseph the step dad of Jesus.  Yeah, that guy.

I have been on the road a lot this past year.  Too much.  The speaking gigs have been good.  More getting set up for next year already.  Been a nice little addition to my life to make all these wonderful contacts in a world I didn't really think I would ever be involved with.  Ever since True Strength came out is when the speaking world opened up.  But with the huge success of God's Not Dead the speaking world has exploded.  No complaints.

Biggest news to pass along is the selling of a new TV pilot to NBS/Sony called Miracle Man.  It is in the vein of Touched by an Angel, Highway to Heaven and 7th Heaven.  But it is filled with action and is more like Punched by an Angel!  We will shoot the pilot episode in late March so please put out a prayer and maybe cross your fingers that we get a pick up and then I can be on TV again on a regular basis.  I'm so ready for that to happen.  I had that 12 year run with Hercules and Andromeda and I miss that.  Get me back on that tube!

My kids are growing way too fast and any one of you out there with kids knows what I am talking about.  But they make me laugh every day and I love them with all my heart.  Sam has her radio show and it is getting big.  She is now the 12th largest radio audience in America with 2 million listeners.  Pretty cool.  Go get her app on iTunes. The Sam Sorbo app and listen in on her talks.

I'm am sitting here watching a football game right now.  No, not soccer, but American football.  One of my favorite sports.  Just resting up for my next nap!  

Hope you are all gearing up for a wonderful Christmas or whatever you may celebrate to end the year.  My house is decorated and all ready for Santa.  Love this time of year.  I will keep you up to date with all my stuff coming up.

Be blessed.

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