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Christmas 2016

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Hello to all of you loyal, crazy OEKSFC people!   
I am so grateful for your continued support on my journey in this insane world of Show Business. I have been blessed to keep working and slugging out independent movies over the years.  I shot a few more this past year with the biggest one being "Let There Be Light" which I directed and starred in along with my wife, Sam, who wrote it and produced it, and my two sons, Braeden and Shane, who got to act in their first movie ever!  I knew they were right for the parts they played, but they blew me away with their acting.  They both did a wonderful job.  I wrapped my directors cut and it is now in the hands of the FX guys, the music team, the color correcting team, etc.  In short, it is now with the team that makes the movie look pretty!  Ha.  I have included a picture from the movie as well.  ( And, yes, that is Dionne Warwick with Sam and I in the movie!  She sings the title song….very exciting stuff!)  It won’t come out til Dec. 2017, so you will have to wait a long time….sorry.  It is a strong, faith based Christmas movie.

I also threw in a picture of the book cover from the movie.  Thought you might get a kick out of the subtle play on Hercules.

I am trying to get another TV series going so I can bug you weekly with my mug.  I will keep up the good fight.  Sam and I did sell a new series to NBC and Sony called “Miracle Man”, but it is on hold.  Time will tell.  I do have 2 movies booked for 2017 and I am actively putting together 3 more as I type this. Onward and upward.

I have been busy with the speaking world these past few years.  A road I never envisioned myself being on, but it has been quite gratifying.  I am also writing my second book as a long overdue follow up to True Strength.  More on that in another update.  

My son Braeden is now only 3 inches shorter than me at 15 years of age and brags how he will be taller than me.  Most likely he will and that will be an odd day for me.  Ha.  Shane is now 12 and he is the thinker of the 3 kids.  Much as I was at that age and still am.  Octavia is really the best actor of the group, but has no interest in the profession because she is smarter than me and my boys!!  I never really wanted them to follow in my footsteps, but growing up on TV and movie sets has made that life “normal” to them when there is nothing normal about it!  Ha, again.

I am wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Hoping that 2017 is a banner year for all of you.  Be safe and be positive!!

Hugs to the ladies and handshakes to the guys

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